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Tisa Chalet

Luxury Chalet Tisa

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The Tisa chalet is located at an altitude of 1,615 metres, right under the highest peak Gradišče (1,666m above sea level), on the magical, mountainous settlement on Velika planina. The chalet stands under Zeleni rob inn, near the chairlift stop. You can, quite literally, ski your way from the chalet to the ski slope and back. The Tisa chalet is popular among families and closed groups, it has 8 beds and provides complete comfort to all guests. Here, you can relax all year long, breathe in the fresh mountain air, be sporty and enjoy the wonderful view on nearby mountain peaks. In the Tisa chalet, you’ll feel at home and have a chance to experience an unforgettable getaway! The luxurious Tisa chalet is located in an amazing place right under the Zeleni rob inn. It’s only a two-minute walk to the chairlift stop on Gradišče. It stands on a beautiful viewing clearing at an altitude of 1,615 metres, a little isolated from the other shepherd’s cottages.
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Well-equipped kitchen with all the utensils for preparing meals...

The cottage is styled to make you feel at home. In the kitchen there is a glass-ceramic hotplate, toaster, dishwasher, Illy coffee maker, and a refrigerator with a mini bar, where you can find local delicacies and drinks. Above the fireplace there is an oven where you can prepare a delicious pizza or a roast.

For a good night’s sleep...

The main area for fun and relaxing is a spacious living room with a big table which also serves as a dining room. When the fireplace pops and crackles, it is always pleasant and warm in this room. In the Tisa chalet, there are three bedrooms with a total of 8 beds. All bedrooms are equipped with spacious beds and freshly washed bed linen.

We care for unspoilt nature...

The chalet is surrounded by a fenced courtyard with tables and benches, and there’s plenty of room for a barbecue, hanging out or a peaceful rest. By the cabin there’s a side building, filled with wood. The Tisa chalet is well built and well isolated. We’re trying to keep it in good condition and maintain it regularly to make sure you feel as good as possible here. We also pay particular attention to the efficient use of scarce water and energy resources and protect nature from pollution, as there is a site for separated waste in the immediate vicinity of the cottage.


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